Welcome to the New England Greenhouse Update

Welcome to the New England Greenhouse Update for commercial growers of greenhouse crops and flowers.

Tina Smith, former University of Massachusetts Extension Floriculture Specialist and Leanne Pundt, University of Connecticut Extension started the New England Greenhouse Update website in 2005. The website was a collaborative effort to contribute pest messages, photos and other information  from observations at greenhouses in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

As of July 2017, Geoffrey Njue will use this website to post messages for Massachusetts growers. Massachusetts growers who have been receiving emails from Tina Smith will now receive them from Geoffrey. If you have changed your email address or if you are not receiving our email messages, please send us your email address by contacting Geoffrey Njue 

Leanne Pundt has an email list specifically for Connecticut growers.
If you are greenhouse grower located in Connecticut and are not currently receiving specific email updates from Leanne Pundt, UConn Extension  please send your email to leanne.pundt@uconn.edu  and she will add you to her list.

The University of Massachusetts and University of Connecticut Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Programs support the greenhouse industry with researched based information on environmentally safe production practices. Educational activities include newsletters, publications, workshops, conferences, training programs, diagnostic services and research.
For more information on greenhouse crop production see these websites for Massachusetts and Connecticut:

University of Massachusetts Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program

and University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management Program.

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