Aphid - Root aphid

Root aphids

Several species of aphids feed on root systems including mint aphids; crescentmarked lily aphid on lily and gladiolus; tulip bulb aphid on iris, crocus, and tulip; several species on aster, boltonia, flowering cabbage, and kale, and lettuce; onion aphid on chives; shallot aphid on many hosts; a wooly aphid on many ornamental and other plants; and rice root aphid on dieffenbachia and other plants.

Management: Depending on the crop, systemic pesticides are often used to manage root aphids.  Also, the beneficial fungus, Beauveria bassiana (BotaniGard) has been effective against root aphids. Read pesticide labels for proper use, labeled crops and application methods.

The aphids eventually move to above-ground plant parts where they are exposed to foliar insecticides and biocontrols.

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